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Mizlala’s Mediterranean Dishes Are Insanely Good

Soulful MEDITERRANEAN food In Los Angeles

This is a review of Mizlala, an Israeli Restaurant located at: West Adams. 5400 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016. There is a second location:4515 Sepulveda Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Don’t let the fact that Mizlala doesn’t have a website deter you from this middle eastern restaurant in a newly gentrifying area of West Adams, Los Angeles. This is one of my favorite places to meet with friends and have some soulful food.

Small patio lights help illuminate a patio that could be in Israel, NYC, Paris, or your backyard. A few trees, a bonfire, a gas fire and heating lamps separate a couple dozen tables. A curated playlist of Cat Steven and other mellow but bouncy rock songs fill the air enough – but not too much. It seems to be busy when I’m there but in the way you feel energized to be surrounded by people. You may have to wait for a seat – but not too long.

Hen of the Woods Mushrooms – (Green aioli, sumac, Sel Gris) $11.25
These are the other magic mushrooms. Earthy, smokey and rather large. I enjoy the full mouth feel of these flavorful ’shrooms.  (top photo)

Shawarma Plate – pictured below (marinated chicken, spit-roasted & shaved thin, tahini, amba, chopped salad, pickles, herbs) $17. 45
This is damn good and comes with hummus, pita, & choice of salad, mejadra rice, or harira soup. I skip the pita, rice and pita and get more salad. (pictured below)

Shawarma Plate

Friends have had sumac fries $6.29, falafel (Tahina, amba, chopped salad, pickles, herbs. It comes with hummus, pita, & choice of salad, mejadra rice, or harira soup) $16.39 and many other dishes. Everyone leaves deeply satisfied in that – soulful, Mediterranean way.

Oh, did I mention?
The free condiments bar with pickles, garlic sauce, radish tahini, Moroccan carrot salad etc. Sooo damn good!

What else?
– Try the Tahini Chocolate Almond Milkshake! ! They also make a Salted-Caramel Milkshake! I KNOW! Order it, you’ll thank me!

 – Parking can be challenge but well worth it.
– Health Score A
– Reservations N/A
– Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Keto options available

My wife and I were inspired by Mizlala’s food and wanted to make similar dishes at home. Here are some few options to get you started! [#ad]


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  1. Wao, that sounds great. Loving the idea of sharing ingredients, thank you so much ?I’m inspire too

  2. Seems like they have a great choice of dishes. I’d love to visit next time I am around. Thanks for the recommendation!

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