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Moomoo Invest – How we made $600 plus got 32 free stocks and you can too!


This cash cow brokerage app delivers a heifer of a bonus for new investors. I’ll show you how you can really milk this offer if two people sign up. Okay, enough with the cow jokes!

Curing this limited time promotion, new accounts receive $100 plus 5-16 stocks, depending on your deposit. Though July 31, 2023, receive an extra $50 cash reward with a referral. That’s right, get $150 plus up to 16 free stocks when you open a new account.

The number of free stocks you receive depends on the amount you deposit. There are three tiers:

Deposit $100 – get $100 + $50 referral + 5 free stocks

Deposit $1000 – get $100 + $50 referral + 15 free stocks

Deposit $5000 – get $100 + $50 referral + 15 free stocks + one share of Tesla or Google

How to:

You must maintain your deposit for 60 days to get the cash rewards. Cash rewards are a coupon that acts like a rebate when you make a trade. To redeem your coupons, you must make a trade of $1000 or more. Three business days after you place your trade, you’ll receive the coupon amount in cash in your account.

Cash rewards can be invested or withdrawn as long as you maintain your initial deposit for 60 days.

Please see the link for the full terms and conditions. Referrers receive $100 for referees who deposit $100-4999 and $300 for referees who deposit $5000 and up.

Since my better half and I both opened new accounts, we were able to take advantage of the referral bonus. I’ll explain how we did it, step-by-step, so you can take advantage, too!

Step 1: I opened a new account with a referral bonus. I deposited a little over $5000 and received $150 in cash coupons plus 16 free stocks. My overall stock value was around $160 with highest value stock being Google.

Step 2: I referred my better half for a new account – be sure to use a different device for each user, this is mentioned in the terms of the bonus! She deposited a little over $5000 and also received $150 in cash rewards, plus 16 stocks. She did way better than I did and her stock value came in around $450 with her highest value stock being Tesla. She lucked out with Amazon, Ford, and Palantir in addition to the low value Fuel Cell and Grab Holdings that I mostly received.

Step 3: After my referral’s deposit settled, I received a $300 referral bonus. To take redeem the “coupons” you must make a $1000 purchase for each one. After three trading days, that cash amount will be deposited into your account. Overall, it’s been very easy to execute and we have been mostly purchasing short-term treasuries with SGOV to ensure the investments don’t fluctuate too much.

Grand Total: $150 signup bonus + $150 signup bonus + $300 referral + 32 stocks valued around $610 = $1,210!

Conclusion: This bonus is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of in a two person household. The app is lighthearted but still feature rich. I’m enjoying the social features on the site as well as the ease of use for trading. Definitely check it out before the end of the month.

If you want to participate in this promotion, be sure to sign up before July 31!

My bestie and I try to maximize my spending and get cash back, credits to various business, airline miles or hotel miles. Since we do this often and it has proven to be very helpful I thought I would start to sharing… these are most often limited time offers. If you have questions contact me.

Using points recently helped us get to Oahu. A highlight, the breathtaking views of Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens


As many of you know – we keep the light on here by being as smart as possible with banking. Here is a great incentive to join Moomoo, signup with the referral bonuses through June. Get $150 plus free stocks when you sign up and meet the terms!