Welcome to BraverGuide! I’m Ron, the founder of BraverGuide. I was an Executive at a TV company but have since committed to a bolder, braver and more courageous lifestyle. My goal is to help you become more courageous in your pursuits with articles, insights and inspiring stories. With well intentioned and calculated risks let’s move closer to our dreams.

BraverGuide’s main mission is to explore:

Healthy Food
In November 2019 I cut out sugar and with a few other smart choices I’ve lost over 40 pounds. This category will include natural food, recipes, product reviews, restaurant reviews.

Smart Travel
Having travelled extensively and preparing to travel more, this category will focus on where to travel, inspiring destinations, useful traveler’s products, people’s experiences and various reviews.

Personal Growth
As an entrepreneur I am inspired by other people’s successes. This category will include interviews with people who have made courageous decisions. There will also be articles on mindfulness, spirituality and bravery.

Posts will also explore technology, photography, money and more.

The Origin (The Recipe)

  1. Combine my passions – traveling, food, personal growth, photography and art
  2. Mix in my current circumstance – being locked-down in Los Angeles because of the pandemic
  3. Stir-in the fact that I’m unemployed for the first time in almost two decades and ready for adventure
  4. Now sprinkle in my many years of working in marketing and VOILA!
  5. A website with the intention to share how people may live a bold and courageous life

A deeper dive about BraverGuide and the
aha moment!

I’ve evolved from the drudgery of a 9 to 6 (plus work emails all night) to starting BraverGuide, my own business. Though the pandemic was the catalyst, the inspiration to share my experiences and lifestyle had been brewing in the background. There was an actual aha moment when I was feeling meditative and was considering the effort it would take to create a blog. At that moment the golden light of a sunset bathed me in the light as if to approve the idea from above.

I’ve recently read, “You can’t do everything but you can do anything.” In that light I am preparing for a road less traveled and the site will both encourage and inspire me as well, I hope it serves as a resource for you.

Please write to me if you have any ideas about articles or want to partner on a post or other project.

A tiny bit more about me…

Woodworking: Starfish & Whale
Art and my art merchandise for sale: Society6 and Etsy
My art: Paintings, Sculptures and for sale: More Art

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