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Keto – Baking Essentials

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As you get started, these are the essentials you’ll need when you start baking! Many of you have asked for some help with all the unfamiliar ingredients. Rather than a comprehensive list, these are my preferred staples. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thank you to all of you who have been following along with our Keto journey! We’re about 80 lbs down combined!


Allulose* this is my FAVORITE sweetener, tastes like sugar, no funky aftertaste and it caramelizes! I have been happy with all brands I’ve purchased and buy whatever is on sale!

Blackstrap Molasses still a little high in carbs but will give a brown sugar, molasses vibe to your baking

Flours and Thickeners

Almond Flour* many keto recipes are built on almond flour as a sub for wheat flour, I use occasionally but love for amaretti cookies and marzipan when you need almonds

Casein Protein (specifically Muscle Feast)* protein that works great for baking

Coconut Flour commonly used in keto recipes, I prefer to use it sparingly

Gelatin can help thick and add chewiness, gummies, marshmallows, etc.

Inulin I use almost exclusively to feed yeast, can help with ice cream texture

Lupin Flakes amazing crispy texture for frying and breading

Lupin Flour high protein flour, my preference for naan and good for pastas

Oat Fiber (specifically LifeSource brand)* zero calorie fiber that makes baked goods fluffy

Psyllium Husks fiber used to gel and bind recipes, I prefer to use it sparingly

Vital Wheat Gluten* (not for those with gluten sensitivities) this protein from wheat gives baked goods and pastas a great chewy texture

Whey Protein (specifically Isopure)* protein that works great for baking

Xanthan Gum* thickener and binder, I prefer to use it sparingly


Baking Soda (common) if it’s a million years old, get a new box

Baking Powder (common) standard issue is find!

Saf Instant Yeast* really tolerant stuff that will puff up whatever you throw at it, store in freezer


Avocado Oil great for frying and high heat applications

Coconut Oil can impart a great flavor but also overpower

Coconut Oil (refined/unscented) when you’d prefer not to have a strong coconut element

Olive Oil great for cooking and sometimes baking

Butter is something else you’ll want to keep on hand for baking (obviously!)

Heavy Whipping Cream is another you’ll see again and again in keto recipes


Almonds great candied, as nut butter and as a topping

Choczero Chocolate Chips* have a nice melted texture when baked. I like Lily’s for snacking and trail mix but prefer Choczero for baking.

Choczero Keto Bark amazing in baked goods and also ice creams

Cinnamon (common) cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, muffins

Cocoa Powder (common) chocolate cake, brownies, etc.

Hazelnut homemade nutella! Need I say more? Yes? Hazelnut ice cream! Pecans* amazing for sticky buns, butter pecan ice cream, crusts and toppings

Pumpkin (common) but can be seasonal, breads, muffins, pies, cheesecakes, etc.

Sunflower Seeds nice in breads and muffins

Shredded Coconut (unsweetened) great for baking or a snack, amazing toasted

Walnuts great for sticky buns, cinnamon nut rolls, cookies, breads and muffins


Vanilla Extract* (common) needs no introduction

Almond Extractso amazing to enhance almond flavor, goes well with berries

Maple Extract for making “maple syrup” and maple walnut ice cream

Corn Extract (this is on my list to try) kinda $$$


Parchment paper for lining pans, Alton Brown prefers it to silpats, just saying. Can reuse.

Silpat great for baking, candied nuts, rolling out sticky things, worth the investment

Ziplocks (common) great for rolling out sticky things and also piping batter and icing

Okay, okay, so you’ve read through this by no means comprehensive list and realize you don’t want to invest an entire paycheck or more into getting started. I would start with the items marked with an asterisk. Good luck as you get started and reach out if I can be of assistance!

In another post I’ll share my preferred fresh ingredients for baking. Until then, happy baking!

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