Breakfast Burrito

This Breakfast Burrito Will Make Your Tastebuds Sing!

A PERFECT Breakfast Burrito in Malibu

This is a review of Malibu’s Country Kitchen, a no-frills, tiny hole-in-the wall. This carefree restaurant keeps the vintage Malibu spirit alive and well… they’ve been located in the same spot since 1972. This may be the quintessential Malibu surfer hangout. You’ll find this kitchen at 21239 CA-1, Malibu, CA 90265

Country Kitchen, Malibu
Shirts and shoes are NOT required but currently a mask is required.

This is favorite breakfast or lunch when I’m heading through Malibu. This burrito, bigger than a baby’s arm, will fill you up for the adventuresome day that lies ahead. Recently, I’ve been exploring Leo Carrillo State Beach. This park has multiple beaches, some have small coves, small caves, some are surrounded by cliffs and others have tide pools teeming with life. There’s plenty to explore and you’ll need the energy a good breakfast or lunch can provide!

This “kitchen with a window” is located in a coastal strip mall between a mom and pop hardware store and a laid back dive shop. There is limited seating with two amusement park style picnic tables with built in seats. Country Kitchen seems to be the go-to place after surfing, but, it’s the kind of place that attracts everyone: the Malibu locals, the intrepid tourists, biker clans, laborers, Hollywood agents/ starlets and so on. It’s certainly come-as-you are, shirts and shoes are not required!

I’ve been stopping here for eight years and I’ve only had the breakfast burrito – (egg, cheese, bacon, avocado, salsa, smashed tater tots) $11.99 (Pro Tip: Ask for crispy bacon and crispy tater tots!)

A quick review of Yelp and other sites make me want to try a few other options. People like Tuna Melt on Rye, (one review pointed out the tuna is albacore quality not cat foot). There’s a Turkey Club Wrap but the burgers get a ton of love online. Burger options include: Buffalo, Turkey, Chicken, Sirloin, Garden, Chili, Pastrami, Ostrich) but they do have more options on their menu.

Country Kitchen breakfast served all day

Oh, did I mention?
If you get a burrito, or probably anything, just ask for extra salsa! They have a red salsa that’s mildly spicy but aways fresh tasting and a green salsa that has a real kick! Sh*t – they are gooood.

What else?
Since starting a Keto Diet, we take their tortilla, open it and gently roll contents into a tortilla we bring from home. It’s quick, easy and the guilt from the crispy potatoes is almost forgotten?!

How to switch out the tortilla like a boss…

Need some of the low carb tortillas we use? I got your back…

Parking has always been easy.

Reservations N/A
Vegan/ Vegetarian /Keto options available




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