by Ron Braverman

Featured Series, MAPS:

When I was a child my mother would tell me that America is made up of different patches of people but sown together we make a beautiful quilt. I think of these maps as this magical quilt. This idea, in part, was the inspiration behind this series and with a little inspiration from the Ocean Park series by Richard Diebenkorn.

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The Basics

The Basics:
Born near the beach in New Jersey I moved into New York City and fell in love with art. After too many winters I moved to Los Angeles. I create photographs, paintings, drawings, sculpture and design. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and invisible dog, Rusty.

All of my paintings tell stories, even the abstract work. Many stories are basic narratives other are metaphors, some are symbols. I begin almost every piece without trying to create a specific image. I attempt to forget what I know until I discover a theme to pursue or until it resembles my vision or mood. Starting a piece without knowing the outcome keeps the work honest. I work until the painting seems to breathe on its own.

My work draws from the diverse cultural and geographic makeup of my American roots. My work explores my relationship with the space, colors, lines and textures from my particular urban experience. Working with traditional and digital mediums, I create and destroy using angles, lines both abstractly and representational. When done well my work should grab you and make you feel nostalgic or happy, sad or inspired an. it should always arouse the power of art… that momentary beauty found in a poetic glimpse of something that is indescribable.


• Article in Shoutout LA about artwork [Press]

• Launched BraverGuide – a site to inspire people to live well and courageously

• Launched Starfish and Whale with Lindsay Ash [Press 1] [Press 2]

Culver City Art Walk and Roll, Culver City (#24)

• Launched Instagram page

Abbot Kinney Gallery, Into Abstraction, Venice

Co-designed a shirt with Joao Cowperthwaite to in cooperation with the film ‘Blackfish’ to raise money for the Humane Society of the U.S.

2009 – 2020
As VP of Marketing for an independent Hollywood entertainment company I created and managed websites, social media, strategic partnerships and design
Associate Producer for various TV programs (IMDB)
• Created and produced a sponsored integration during the Daytime Emmys on CBS Television

2007 – 2008
• Co-wrote, directed & released short film, ‘Adjusting Arbie’ [Credits] [Entire Film]

About Glamour Gallery, NYC
• Gallery Café, ‘Synaptic Bridges’, Bergamot Station, L.A.

From the Synaptic Bridges series by Ron Braverman

• Art Metropolis, ‘Propaganda from the Dark World’, L.A.

• Fritto Misto, ‘New Work’, L.A.
• Gallery Director Patricia Faure Gallery, L.A.

• Electric Lodge, ‘Group Show’, L.A.
• Whitney Cline’s Album, ‘Bring on the Rain’, (select photography)

Postcards from the Edge Benefit @ Visual Aids, NYC
• Renee Stahl’s Album, ‘Melancholy Pop’, (select photography)
○ School of Visual Arts, Painting with Nancy Chunn, NYC

• MTV Studios/ headquarters, ‘Dataist’, Times Square, N.Y.C.

• Chaotic Space Purchased by the West Collection/ SEI Investments Company. PA [The art works from the West Collection are on long-term loan to SEI. West Collection has built the collection in a 15 year period with SEI’s audience in mind, but also with the sole mission of finding the most compelling contemporary works available by leading international artists.]
• Whitney Museum of American Art, ‘Annex (Staff) Exhibition’, N.Y.C.
○ Columbia University, Art History Seminars 1850-1950

• Artist Space – , NYC
• Featured Artist – feature film ‘Creosote’

• Featured Artist – Bikini Magazine (March)
• Galaxy Gallery, ‘Quadrasexual’, L.A.
• Michael Lohr’s Hollywood Loft, ‘Solo Exhibit’, L.A.
• Steve Crise Gallery, ‘Maricopa Highway Paintings’, L.A.
• Museum of Modern Art, ‘Staff Exhibitions’, NYC
○ New York Studio School, ‘Drawing Marathon’, NYC

• Featured Artist – Bikini Magazine (November)
• Westside Jewish Center Gallery, L.A.
• The Buzz @ Virgin Megastore, L.A.
• Soka Gakkai International Summer Show, L.A.
○ Art Center, Contemporary Graphic Design, Pasadena

• Millies Café, ‘Brkfst O’ Chmpns’, L.A.
• Peace is my Name Gallery, L.A.
• Wrote and Illustrated “Tumbler

• Created
• Launched as conceptual art site, domain name was sold in 2017
○ UC Berkeley, Multimedia Communications, Berkeley

New York University, Graphic Designing with Jeffrey Leder, NYC

Pratt Institute, Multimedia Director Classes, NYC
○ School of Visual Arts, Sculpture Series, NYC

• Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Staff Exhibitions’, NYC
○ University of Hartford, B.A, International Business Advertising Association Scholarship

• Director @ WHC-TV/ West Hartford, CT – Wrote and Directed “America’s Least Wanted” and partnered with the ASPCA about animal adoption

1982 – 1985
• Co-created an experimental art rock group, “H.S.S.T” with alter ego, “Tums.” Collaborated with three bandmates and created 14 albums. Adjusting Arbie trailer music by H.S.S.T.