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Essence One and a Scientific Path To Mental Health Wellness

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I started thinking about my friends and all those who bravely do what must be done each day while working with various mental health issues.

I admire everyone who soldiers on while dealing with anxiety, depression or similar challenges.

When I wanted to feature an article that could help people, I thought of my good friend Lauren. Having worked through her own issues with anxiety and depression, Lauren founded Essence One a line of all-natural aromatherapy products that benefit mental and physical health. Through her work at Essence One, she also helps to support mental health charities.

Lauren VanScoy of Essence One
Lauren VanScoy of Essence One

Lauren and I created the following interview which touches on:

• Mental health, depression anxiety and wellness
• Suggestions on how to reach out for help
• How we can support people we love with mental health conditions
• The science behind aromatherapy
• How Lauren stays balanced and runs a thriving business
• Advice to an entrepreneur that may just be starting out

More about Lauren and Essence One:

Lauren founded Essence One to bring awareness to mental health and wellness through the creation of all-natural aromatherapy products.

Her passion and dedication to natural products began after being caught off-guard by anxiety and depression in her mid-thirties.

Lauren’s search for help led to her interest and eventual certification in aromatherapy. Crafting all-natural products that are uplifting and calming is one of Lauren’s joys in life.

Essence One Products
Essence One Products
When purchasing products on Essence One use code RBEO10 for 10% off!

Each product and scent has been formulated to support an inspired and less-stressed life. Essence One keeps mental health awareness at the forefront of every purchase by partnering with Bring Change to Mind, a national organization co-founded by actress, Glenn Close.

Bring Change to Mind works to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness by helping students start mental health clubs. Essence One funded the very first club in the state of Minnesota and, with your purchases, will fund many more around the country.

The following books get great reviews on Amazon:

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils , The Healing Power of Essential Oils and Essential Oils, Natural Remedies?

As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn on qualified purchases.

When purchasing products on Essence One use code RBEO10 for 10% off!


Lauren is there to help with products and/or mental health concerns.

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