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My wife Lindsay and I are in love with Japanese food and travel.

Japan is such a beautiful country with a rich culture, kind people, amazing architecture and the food is ridiculously good. While researching where and what to eat on our initial trip to Japan we stumbled on the Youtube Channel, TabiEats highlighting food, culture and travel, Tabi (旅) means travel or journey in Japanese.

TabiEats is hosted by Shinichi (Twitter, Instagram) and Satoshi (Twitter, Instagram) and occasionally Justin, their cute dog makes an appearance. A few times a week they share their passion for food and travel in an authentic, casual and informative way. Perhaps because they don’t take themselves too seriously, their reviews are honest, funny, and always entertaining.

On their channel you’ll find them cooking, reviewing food, critiquing snacks, visiting restaurants and trying kitchen gadgets like this egg hole puncher and egg timer.

We loved their instructional video on Watermelon Shaved Ice KAKIGORI so much we actually ordered the shave ice machine so we can make it at home!

Their videos are mostly shot in Japan but they do travel to different destinations around the world and take viewers along for a vicarious taste of their meals and snacks.

Watching Satoshi enjoying any new beer and Shinichi tasting salty licorice in Amsterdam may be a couple of my favorite moments. Currently they have roughly 72 Million YouTube views with nearly 500 thousand subscribers to their channel.

A few of their popular videos:
Japanese Try American Instant Ramen Noodles | Taste Test
Japanese Guys Try South Indian Food for the First Time
Hot Food Vending Machine in Japan-Hot Dogs, Burgers and Takoyaki

I requested an interview with Shinichi because BraverGuide is about being brave and exploring courageously and TabiEats, Shinichi and Satoshi are brave and courageous on many levels.

Shinichi, thank you for taking time to answer my questions, I know you work extremely hard on your videos and I truly appreciate it!


Please tell us your story. What do you do and how did you become the host of a popular YouTube channel?

I run a YouTube channel called TabiEats with my partner Satoshi. We create content revolving around food and travel. 

I used to write recipes and travel articles for online magazines. I thought about writing a cookbook for my readers. Instead of doing that, some people suggested I start making videos on YouTube. Satoshi my partner, decided to join me a few weeks after the birth of the channel. 

Shinichi and Satoshi take you on a quick tour through Shibuya’s New Miyashita Park. Naturally they grab some delicious Japanese food along the way.

BraverGuide’s motto is ‘be brave and explore courageously.’ How does that apply to TabiEats? Why drives you to keep exploring?

Almost everyone around me discouraged me from becoming a YouTube creator for two reasons. I was too old for YouTube and I had absolutely no experience making videos. I thought that if only 100 people became interested in what I had to share, I would be happy. And if I could get 100 people to like me, I’m sure there would be more.  He was right!

As a full time YouTuber, it’s a never-ending job constantly churning out content every week. However, I love what I do. I love the interaction with our viewers. I also love everything about food and travel so I genuinely enjoy what I do. That keeps me going. I simply never get tired of what I do. 

Shinichi and Satoshi!

Viewers love TabiEats! Why do you think so many people connect with you and Satoshi?

We try to stay authentic as much as possible on video. When we create videos, we’re always thinking, would people enjoy watching this? Would people be interested in this? Would this make people smile? Happy? We always want our viewers to feel like they are a part of our journey on YouTube. Maybe that’s why? 

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice what would you share about starting a channel on YouTube?

Don’t be afraid to just be yourself. Don’t overthink things. Just go for it.

Shinichi and Satoshi review Japanese food (like Sushi) as well as food from around the world!

If you could time travel to 2045 what would you like to have accomplished with your channel and influence? 

Our main goal of the channel is to help people open their minds up to new experiences. We hope to help people stay curious of different cultures and in the end, hopefully become better people. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone always leads to something amazing. I hope to have inspired more people to do that as well.

Your videos have improved steadily over time. Can you please share any specific gear you use for your production?

Our equipment is simple really. We currently use a Sony ZV-1 camera, which is made for vloggers like us. I also have a GoPro which I use for
b-roll. I also use my iPhone. We keep it simple. 

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You’ve demoed some amazing food tools and gadgets. My favorites videos you made were the noodle slide and crazy egg gadgets from Daiso? What are a couple items you love or use the most?

Honestly we end up giving away most of our gadgets because we simply have no space for them. The most useful ones were the boring ones, like the silicone coverings that can be used to cover food instead of Saran Wrap.

Between living together, working together (and now during COVID-19 being indoors so often) how do you strike a work/ life balance with Satoshi?

It’s important that I give myself some alone time by taking long walks outside. Before covid, I would sometimes go on staycations alone. I need the solo time to think. That’s also when I come up with ideas for the different channels. Satoshi on the other hand, seems to be ok with us being together all the time. 


What’s your favorite meal?

If I absolutely had to choose, I’d probably say Onigiri with Ume, a bowl of miso soup and pickles. It’s comforting and I never get tired of that combination. 

When the pandemic is over or when we have a vaccine where do you want to travel first and why? 

First place I’d go is Singapore. I have many friends there that I miss and I love the food there. 

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? 

I’d have to say Amsterdam

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

I’d probably continue to live here in Tokyo. It’s never boring, lots to see and do. It’s also a very safe city and that’s important for me. 

What else would you like to share about you, Satoshi and TabiEats? 

We’ve been together for 20 years and interestingly, doing YouTube together brought us closer together. We hope to continue making videos, documenting good food and sharing our lives with everyone around the world, for as long as we can. 

Fun Questions:

Ina Garten or Anthony Bordain?
Anthony Bordain

Shave Ice or Ice Cream?
Ice cream

Rum raisin or mint chocolate?
Rum raisin 

Licorice or gummy candy?

Green tea or hojicha?
Green tea

Sweet or Savory Snacks?
I refuse to answer that one. 🙂 

Good answer! I couldn’t choose either! Shinichi, thanks again for your time! We’ll see you on YouTube!

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