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Meet Marlene Sharp – Proprietor & Top Dawg at Pink Poodle Productions

Written by Ron Braverman and Marlene Sharp


Greetings from Tarzana, California, home of late Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and also of me, Marlene Sharp! Many thanks to Ron Braverman for this Tiny Interview opportunity! It is indeed my good fortune that Ron remembered me from our Hollywood Christmas Parade/Sonic the Hedgehog conversations during my Sega of America tenure a few years ago. Ron and I managed to maintain a mutual admiration society.

What do you do?
I am proprietor and top dawg at Pink Poodle Productions, an entertainment consultancy, which is comprised of my canine colleague Blanche DuBois Sharp (yes, we are related) and me. Some of our current clients include Rainshine Entertainment and its kid-friendly subsidiary Kinsane Entertainment, plus its grown-up animation division Raijin Studios; The Center for Learning Unlimited;; and Virtual Pitchfest (VPF). Past clients include Toonbo Entertainment, Euramco Pictures, Global One Media, and

Our motto is Be Bold, Explore Courageously – what does that mean to you/ how has that applied to you?
Your motto is essentially my life story. As a former employer once concluded, “To Marlene, the word ‘no’ means ‘maybe.'” It’s true. If I’d have accepted ‘no’ as ‘never,’ then I probably would not have advanced much beyond my own backyard.

What is your work, creative outlet or passion project? Where do you find inspiration?  
My work is the entertainment industry, and entertainment happens in many forms! Sometimes, it’s film and TV development and production; sometimes, it’s consumer products based on a video game or a bestselling novel or hit stage play. Entertainment (in other words, show business) also might entail themed attractions, social media posts, or mentorship. My passion projects are those that include my muse and inspiration Blanche, a gifted, 10-year-old Bichon Frise’-Poodle mix. In fact, she and I have collaborated on several projects for DOGTV and even an award-winning indie short film! She’s also chairwoman of the board and mascot of Pink Poodle Productions.

Marlene & Blanche – Photo by Beke Lubeach

Speaking of excitement, I am especially thrilled to be working with my Kinsane Entertainment and Raijin Studios colleagues on a screen adaptation of the YOUNG CAPTAIN NEMO book trilogy by Jason Henderson, and with Kinsane on the animated version of the WEDGIE AND GIZMO book trilogy by Suzanne Selfors.

If you could collaborate with anyone (or have as a mentor) dead or alive – who would you choose and why?
I’d love to collaborate with one or more of the sitcom greats, such as Chuck Lorre or Norman Lear, because sitcoms (particularly multi-camera shows recorded with a live studio audience) are my first love.

Favorite motivational quote? Please share the source if known.
‘Take lemons and make lemonade’ is one of my favorite quotes. According to the results of a massive Google and Wikipedia search, motivational speaker Dale Carnegie is one of several possible sources.

Origin notwithstanding, it seems to be a practical way to look at life, which sure is full of lemons.

After the pandemic, where do you want to travel first and why?
Disney World (Florida) is at the top of my list. Tokyo Disneyland is second. The reason is that I love Disney parks, and I will require a massive dose of Disney post pandemic.

Where can we see more of your work? (website, social media, etc.)
My website is
Other destinations of note include the following:

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